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Application for Funding

If you are interested in applying for funding please fill out the funding application and upload it below.
Remember to download and save the PDF file prior to filling out so that you don’t lose your information.

Download Application for Funding (PDF)

Final Report

If you have received funding approval please fill out and submit your Final Report.
Remember to download and save the PDF file prior to filling out so that you don’t lose your information.

Download Final Report (PDF)

Grant Application Submission Deadline Dates

April 15th & November 15th

of each calendar year

Upload Completed Application

Click or drag files to this area to upload. You can upload up to 5 files.
pdf and .jpg are the only file types allowed for submission.

What We Fund

Ensure that your organization and grant application meet the following CCWA grant funding guidelines:

  • Your organization is not-for-profit
  • Your organization provides human service programs in one or more of the following areas:
    • health and wellness
    • children, youth, seniors, families
    • leadership and innovation
    • promotes community involvement/participation, connection and/or collaboration
  • Your organization demonstrates sound governance and/or management committed to the success of the project initiative, and has the capacity to carry it out.
  • Your organization’s project initiative is built upon relevant research and demonstrates future sustainability.
  • All grant applications must contain indicators of success and outcome measures.
  • All funding granted must be used to provide services in Coaldale, within the Intermunicipal Development Plan boundary (IMPD), regardless of the location of your organization’s administrative office.
  • Organizations are highly encouraged to seek funding from alternate sources in addition to the CCWA, and indicate this on the application.
  • Grants are provided for specific projects and are generally funded for one year only.
  • Multi-year grants are subject to an annual performance review which will determine future funding.
  • NOTE that the CCWA is not in the position to fund all recognized need in the community. Available funding for each granting period is allocated to areas of the greatest perceived community needs first. It is possible that your organization may meet all eligibility criteria and still not be awarded grant funding.
  • Successful applications are subject to providing a Final Report within six months of the Grant submission deadline date for which the funds were awarded.

What We Do Not Fund

  • Operational costs
  • Facility maintenance costs, rent, utility payments
  • Wages, and salaries (unless shown to be directly linked to a specific project’s delivery)
  • Deficit funding, retroactive funding, debt retirement
  • Individuals
  • Medical or academic research
  • Services that are primarily religious or political in nature
  • Activities considered politically or ethically controversial to the CCWA
  • Endowment funds
  • Annual fundraising events
  • Promotional advertising
  • Economic development initiatives
  • Duplicate Services